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We are excited to let you know what being a Neptunian Woman’s Club associate means!


The Neptunian Woman’s Club of Manhattan Beach (NWC), founded in 1909, is the oldest civic organization in the South Bay.  It has a deep seated tradition of cultivating the passion of like-minded women to support and serve the changing needs of their local communities, and to build a better place to live.


The Neptunian Woman’s Club makes it easy for you to make a difference in the South Bay community, meet amazing charitable-minded woman and hopefully develop life long friendships!  We are a 100% volunteer organization dedicated to serving the needs of the South Bay community where all of the net funds raised are infused back into the local area through charitable donations and philanthropic programs.  We have approximately 260 active Neptunians, who are diverse in age, background and interests.


Membership in Neptunian Woman’s Club is flexible. New may join our club at any time throughout the year.  Acknowledging that we all have different time commitments and desires, we provide members diverse opportunities to volunteer.  If you are looking for ways to connect, consider joining a committee or volunteering at an event.  Check out the Philanthropy area for more information about the charities we serve and learn how you can become involved.  Our goal is to allow you to decide how to be involved and discover the best way to utilize your skills to make a difference.


The Neptunian Woman’s Club will change your life.  In our experience, volunteering is contagious.  Neptunians become energized as they work with like-minded women to make a difference in our community.  Giving back will fill your heart with appreciation and make you feel a part of something bigger.  Although there is no required level of commitment for members, our experience is that associates want to participate and invite their friends to do likewise.  Members inviting friends to join is the primary means of growing the Neptunian Woman’s Club.  To maintain membership we only ask that you pay your annual dues.  However, it stands to reason that what you are willing to put into the organization will impact what you get out of it, which we believe is up to you!


Luncheons are held on the second Tuesday of each month (September through May), beginning at 10:00 AM at our Clubhouse, located at 920 Highland Avenue in Manhattan Beach.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss membership or to just attend a luncheon.


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There are two options to apply for membership:

Apply online and pay with a credit card via this website (please note that credit card processing fees apply).





Download the application below and return it completed with a check for $145 ($25 application processing fee + $120 annual dues) made payable to “Neptunian Woman’s Club”.


Mailing address:
Neptunian Woman’s Club
c/o Membership Chairperson
P.O. Box 3291
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266






Ready to Join Us?