Need a Venue for Your Next Event?

Located just two blocks from the beach, in the heart of downtown Manhattan Beach, the Neptunian Woman’s Club Clubhouse is the perfect venue to rent for wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, reunions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, meetings, plays, memorials, and more.

A Beautiful and Flexible Location

Clubhouse Details

  • Two adjoining rooms, each approximately 30 x 60 feet, can function as one large room or two smaller rooms, yet all rentals are for the entire space
  • Beautiful hardwood floors, neutral taupe colored walls with white trim
  • Large raised curtained stage with access on both sides
  • Ceiling fans and dimming lights
  • Two women’s restrooms and one men’s restroom
  • Large kitchen with extensive counter space, freezer, refrigerator and 3 large commercial ovens for keeping food warm (though no cooking is allowed)
  • 24 round tables (seats 8 or 9), 13 rectangular tables (6 feet) and 200 chairs
  • Projection screen that comes down from the stage area
  • Surround sound speaker system and WiFi ready



Street parking is available in the surrounding area, as well as in several public parking lots. See detailed parking information or a detailed map of Public Parking locations.


Neptunian Woman's Club

Clubhouse Rental Rates

Monday – Thursday

Rental Fee – $60/hour, minimum of 2 hours
Cleaning fee: $300
Refundable security deposit: $500

Rental Fee – $800/day
Cleaning fee: $300
Refundable security deposit: $800

Rental Fee – $1000/day
Cleaning fee: $300
Refundable security deposit: $800

Rental Fee – $800/day
Cleaning fee: $300
Refundable security deposit: $800


Additional Notes

  • It is required that you obtain special event insurance naming the Neptunian Woman’s Club as an Additional Insured
  • Security guard(s) may be required, depending on the size of event, time of day and if alcohol is being served
  • A Sound Permit is required if you are having a DJ or live music. Sound permits may be obtained through the Manhattan Beach Police Department


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Want to Know More?

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can the space hold?
200 guests maximum.

What if I only need part of the space?
All rentals agreements include the entire space. We do not rent partial spaces.

Is there a setup and/or tear-down fee?
We are a Non Profit Public Benefit 501(c)(3) organization, and the room is set up for our meetings. We do not have staff to re-arrange the furniture. You can set up the rooms anyway you wish, however when your event is over, the space must be returned to the way that you found it.

Are tables and chairs included?
24 round tables, 13 rectangular tables (6 feet) and 200 chairs are included.

Are linens included?
No, we do not provide linens.

May we bring in food or have it catered?
Absolutely! There is a large kitchen with extensive counter space, freezer, refrigerator and 3 large commercial ovens for keeping food warm (though no cooking is allowed).

May we bring our own alcohol?
Yes. Please note that it is required that you hire a security guard if your event is in the evening & alcohol is being served.

How late may we stay?
Rental arrangements end at 11pm. This policy is in consideration of our neighbors.

May I set up the day before?
If you are renting the space for an event on a Saturday, you are able to rent the space on Friday for half of the rental cost ($400).

If we have questions once there, who do we call?
Our rental staff can stop by to answer questions and will provide the mobile number of a contact person should anything arise.

What other services are in the area?
There are countless bars, restaurants, coffee shops and a grocery store within walking distance. There is a gorgeous beach two blocks west and the local boutique shopping opportunities are endless. If you are in need of sleeping accommodations, the Shade Hotel is within walking distance and there are many other hotels nearby.

When may I see the space?
The space is shown by appointment only. Contact Tricia at (310)386-0021 to arrange a time.
For further information and to reserve your space in our Clubhouse, please complete an online request or contact Tricia at (310) 386-0021.


Proceeds from the Clubhouse rental cover the operating expenses of the club and net proceeds go toward The Neptunian Woman’s Club of Manhattan Beach Scholarship Fund, which helps students in financial need to pursue their higher education goals.


The Neptunian Woman’s Club of Manhattan Beach (NWC), founded in 1909, and is the oldest civic organization in the South Bay. It has a deep seated tradition of cultivating the passion of like-minded women to support and serve the changing needs of our local communities, and to build a better place to live. We are a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to volunteerism and the raising of funds in support of charitable, educational, cultural and civic services.